Picking the right fish for your aquarium

Several things ring in your mind before deciding on buying an aquarium. You should consider the tank size, where to place it and most importantly the type of fish for your aquarium. There is a variety of fish best set for aquariums depending on the habitat they survive in. One should decide whether their aquarium should be of fresh water or salt water. One fish common in most aquariums is the goldfish.

Its attractive color and ability to survive in fresh water are the primary reasons most aquarium owners go for it. The two types of gold fish include the regular and the fancy. The regular ones are fast, lively swimmers while the fancy ones are slow swimmers. The procedure of picking the right fish for an aquarium can be a hard task to many especially the new aquarium owners. Here is what you should put into consideration before selecting the right fish for your aquarium.



It is important for one to understand how big a fish can get. The size of your tank should give you an idea of the002 rate of fish growth you should consider. You should also monitor your aquarium regularly to check on the growth habits of the fish in it. Some maintenance practices like changing water regularly are also said to enhance fish growth. Some fish species have biological factors that affect its growth rate. Before picking your choice of fish for your tank do a thorough research on its species. This will save you from buying something that can outgrow the size of your fish tank.


Feeding habits

003Having an idea of the feeding habits of the fish you are about to buy is important. Some fish are known to be predators and feed on other fish. Most freshwater fish fall under this category. For other fish, you should understand their diet and the nutrients that constitute its diet. If your fish stops eating or does not consume the amount it was eating before then try to figure out the reason. Diseases can cause this. Repetition of the same diet, change in chemical levels in the water or getting bullied by other fish can also be other reasons. Research on how, what and when the fish you want to buy, eats before settling for it.



Some fish thrive well in fresh water while others do so in salty water. Other important things you should consider in a fish tank include water temperature, pH value and the levels of ammonium nitrate in the water. Depletion of this constituents can result in devastating effects on your aquarium. Ensure everything is balanced in your fish tank to prevent diseases or the death of fish. Understand the conditions of your fish tank to know the type of fish that does well in it.…

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