Demerits of the post office compared to private carriers


The use of post office services has for a long time been one of the best ways of mail delivery services until the advent of mailbox delivery services. Postal services have been sufficient in the delivery of paper and mail packages to specified addresses that are located in a single place distanced from clients while private carriers involve particular companies that transport mail deliveries to individual mailboxes for easy access. Before the advent of mailboxes, the use of post office services enjoyed a monopoly over most of the users who preferred mail communications. Post office services have had a gradual improvement over time, and this has made mailbox delivery services overtake its services. These demerits include:


The length of time

Mails are first prepared and packaged for delivery. During this process, a lot of time is used up. It may be a problem in the fact that, some of the mails may arrive late hindering attainability of the minimum amount of mails to be transported. Consideration of the time duration utilized in the packaging should be done so as to ensure earlier time delivery.



Postal services are a bit expensive when considering the different categories of mailing systems that are first and the standard class mail classes. The first class mail delivery system is more expensive compared to the standard one. The heightened cost is due to the additional services offered which require compensation to enable them to keep pace. The standard mail users are usually given low postage rating as long as the package weighs less than 3.3 ounces.


003Weight restrictions

Postal offices usually consider the weight of the package. The weight of a single package cannot exceed one pound. A mail user is restricted in the posting of letters not exceeding one pound unless your package qualifies for bulk printed matters. Weight restriction becomes a demerit in most of the post offices.


Geographical barrier

The geographical area is a significant influence in ensuring the efficiency of postal services. Mail packages have to be transported to a specified area. During this process of delivery, some areas may be inaccessible for transportation due to floods or damaged roads, making the delivery of the goods and services on time quite challenging.




With the use of postal services, it requires a formal format on how to ensure the mail reaches the required

recipient. Any mistake portrayed on the address of the recipient may result in a wrong delivery. One should be well educated or notified on the steps of ensuring good delivery of mails or packages to the correct recipient.