Tips for choosing the perfect guinea pig cage

A guinea pig is a very friendly animal, and it is for this reason that many pet lovers have come to love keeping these animals as pets. These pets love to play and run around and also require a good environment to remain healthy. Therefore if you want to keep a guinea pig, then you should get the right cage that will take care of the pet’s needs. If you wish to learn more about how to take care of guinea pigs and which type of shelter is right for them, you can check them out here for more information. In this article, we give you a guide that you will use when you want to purchase a cage for your guinea pig.

Consider the cage size

As you go around visiting outlets to buy a guinea pig cage, you should first be able to determine the size of cage outryryou want. It is advisable that you buy a guinea pig that is bigger so that it can allow for free movement of the pet. A pet that runs around will be in a position to remain healthy, and therefore you should consider buying a big cage to enhance movement.

Surface of the cage

Most guinea pig cages have been made with wired surfaces. The wired surfaces are however not the best because they will hurt the feet of the pet as it runs around since they feet will be toppling into the spaces. Similarly, a wired surface will allow the pet’s waste to drop to other areas. It is therefore crucial that you get a cage with a solid surface. Such a cage will be able to prevent the feet of the pigs from hurting and preventing the waste from dropping.

Check on the accessibility

hfggdWhen you are looking for a good cage to buy you should check whether adults will be able to reach for guinea pigs that are at the furthest end of the cage without squeezing through. Therefore always ensure that the cage you buy can be able to fit both your arms so that you will be able to carry out the guinea pig with two hands.

Determine the material of the cage

Of course, you need a guinea pig cage that will serve you for the longest time possible. So as you go looking for a cage, you should try looking at the material from which the cage is made from. The most recommended are the PVC material because it is strong and very durable.